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2017-07-01 Svojąín)
Nystua Bluegrassfestival
2017-07-29 Nystua Gård)
BG festival Kopidlno
2017-08-12 Kopidlno - festival bluegrassu)

Sunny Side is a Czech music band that plays the authentic interpretation of traditional bluegrass from the 40s and 50s of 20th century – time when this type of music was at its top in terms of popularity. The concerts always reflect the 40s and 50s with the choice of songs, costumes and the tuning of the band. The show is not only about the music, sense of humor and fun competitions are definitely part of its agenda.

The band started in August 1997 and during its existence released several CDs. Sunny Side plays at music festivals, in music halls and clubs throughout the Czech Republic and also in Europe. On the international level they have received several prestige awards. The band’s motto is: ”We play bluegrass for people!”

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